Friday, December 14, 2012

Lucky one

When I went to the bath room to take a bathe, I heard someone using my laptop. I heard the clicking continuously. I was about to finished when I didn’t hear the clicking anymore. When I went out the bath room, I saw my brother playing games at my laptop, his eyes were stucked on screen that he didn’t even noticed that I was right there staring at him. I didn’t want to disturb him as he can be a good player sometimes. He just won thrice on those online games. I admit to myself that he can win in every game he plays. I just don’t know why, maybe because he is just lucky in playing those games. Even in text promos on TV. He can easily win. I wish I had his luck too. Going back to my brother, he can be the lucky charm in our family like a Buddha or something. I hope he can be also lucky in love. I just wish he can get a girlfriend before he turns to a bachelor.

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