Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer island

One of the most loved and popular tourist destination by the people here is Mallorca. Every summer people dipped themselves in the beaches and enjoyed the island very much. There are a lot of tourist package offered in every travel agency about the island of Mallorca from all inclusive to family packages wherein you don't worry anymore about your flights, menu and accommodation in hotels.

Last year’s summer, my sister and her family vacationed in Mallorca. She describes Mallorca as a getaway destination, famous for a year round sunshine, beautiful and accessible beaches, great foods and friendly people. This coming summer, they are again looking forward to go there where in fact they have already booked early as New Year since people rush in booking to avoid closure. Anyway, Mallorca is a very good place for vacation. It’s a good way to appreciate God’s wonderful gifts of creation and man’s creativity.

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