Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Be thankful

Lets's celebrate! Celebrating is a way of shouting out to the world that you are another year older or you got your first job or you have finished your college degree, or your little girl just turned 18 and do not like to be called a little girl anymore or maybe your baby boy just got baptized with the name Jeremiah whose name was from your grandpa’s. Or you just tied the knot with the one you loved ever in your life. There are so many things to celebrate.

Moreover, its one of saying Thank you Lord. You thank God for reaching another year in your life, or you thank Him for blessing you a little angel in your life, or thanking Him for being there for you when you asked for His guidance, or you thank Him that he became a witness in the promises of vows you exchanged with your loved one. This are just some of the millions things to be thankful about and celebrating means a way of thanking God for all those things that should be celebrated.

Let us not forget that everything and everyone we have in our lives are blessings that we have requested from Him and the unexpected blessings that He showered us. Be thankful because we are blessed.

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