Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day off

After work, I dropped by the supermarket to buy some salads for my dinner and I saw these mungo sprouts. I have just tasted this in restaurants before and I didn’t know they are already selling it at the market. I bought one pack of mungo sprouts, lettuce, green bell pepper, cucumber and fresh dills. I also got fresh baked baguette.

I went home in time of dinner and I immediately prepared my salad. I washed the vegetables then sliced into bite size the cucumber, lettuce and pepper. I added some corn kernel and the sprouts. I chopped the dills and added oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Then I poured it into the salad and mixed well. I sliced the baguette and spread some butter. I ate my dinner in front of the TV as I watched my favorite series. That's how I had my day off.

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