Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy day

My phone line was so busy this afternoon when almost everybody I know had called me. Weird day but it happened.

After lunch, my mom called to ask me if I will be early in going home after work. I needed to go to buy stuff at the grocery store. After a while she called back to give the list of the things I needed to buy. An hour later, my dad called also to ask me to buy him some hardware stuff. As soon, as I put down the phone, it rang again, I almost jumped out of my seat because I was literally surprised. My friend was asking me if I could surf the net that time and find some information. He needed the information that day but couldn’t connect online. There was something wrong their system. Good thing his office is just across the building, so he can just come to get the information he needed. Then, I received another call from some credit card companies offering their latest services.

Then, while doing the favor for my friend, I got another call. This time, it was from my boss telling me, he can not go back to the office anymore because the meeting with clients was moved an hour later. He will be in time to go home when he will come back from the meeting. Whew! What a phone call day!

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