Monday, July 12, 2010

For the nature

There are a lot of ways in caring for the environment. We can start at our own homes. I have been a garbage management enthusiast at home ever since. This afternoon, I went to the mall to scout some new garbage bins for my waste management. It’s been a while since I was using an improvised bins. It had depreciated so much that I needed a new one. I need a four-compartment bin. One for the bio-degradable garbage, another for non-bio-degradable, and two for the recyclable items.

You see, it’s not really hard to manage garbage. Most of the time, the bio-degradable waste like unused vegetable peelings and unused parts of fish and meat for cooking are thrown in a dry pit I personally made at my backyard. I usually get soil from the dry pit when I plan something in a pot. I also separate the recyclable non-bio-degradable from those that are not- for which I sell them at the junk shop. It’s simple and easy. You just need common sense and a little bit of creativity. You don’t only save for your self but I believe you are contributing to the whole world.

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