Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cheers to you sister

We were all very surprised when my sister brought home lots of food and drinks last night. She found a new job position in their company. It was a break that she had been working for ever since she got her first job with multi national company. I remember how she combined hard work and attitude in doing her job. After a year she became one of the most eyed in the lower management level. Her ideas were not contributing to a higher performance but also harmony among to her colleagues.

We were really happy for her at long last her hard work was worth it. There are also changes in her work situation like travelling a lot since she will often have meetings in their other branches outside the country. Or she will represent their company to other business meeting. That is good to her because she is still single and she can have all the time for herself and her work. Maybe she will also learn to settle someday if she finds the right companion in her life. As of now she enjoys being a single career woman. Cheers to you sister, I wish you all the best and good things in life.

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