Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend night out

I was at my friend’s house last week when her brother was playing computer games. We were discussing about some free online games when he suddenly had the idea of going out that night and play at entertainment center. It was an abrupt plan of going out. We first went to a local fun center with lots of games, expecting less people around. But to our surprise, there were many people playing that night.

So, to avoid the crowd, we went to another place with a computer play ground but there was no enough space for us anymore. Then we went to the famous arcade places in town and still there were so many people around. I was asking what was with that night, that a lot of people went out to play at the arcades. I can’t help but to laugh about it. Maybe because it was a Friday night that’s why it’s time to go out and enjoy.

We just end up goofing around at the park for sometime then bought ice cream and ate it at home while sharing stories. Well, I still enjoyed the night because of a nice company. I went home at around midnight already.

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