Thursday, March 18, 2010

Building a home

The weather was not too hot and not too cold when my sister went to my apartment to ask me to accompany her. I was still sleepy when she knocked the door for about 10 times. I got annoyed and opened the door for her. She wants to visit their unfinished house and her husband cannot come with her because he is busy in their business. Her husband has a coffee shop business and I always go there when I have nothing to do. Sometimes I help them being a cashier or a saleslady. And I get a free coffee of my choice and a 3 slice of cake with different varieties.

They got married on the month of September and they started constructing their house on the month of August. She wanted to construct their house first before getting married. But the construction is not yet finished so she still leaves with us, in my parent’s house actually since I am renting my own apartment. She already got a reservation for the appliances and furniture that she wants to buy. She and my brother-in-law surveyed furniture and appliances for 6 months. I am always with them because I always get a free lunch and dinner with them LOL!. Anyway, the house is almost finished; it only needs tiles for their floor, curtains for their windows in the living room and in the bedrooms, and bathroom stuffs for their bathroom in the master bedroom. I helped them looked for stuffs in their bathroom through the internet. I hope the house will be completed so we can have our family summer fest there.

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