Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lesson Learned

I saw my cousin outside my office building this afternoon. He was in the area to find for a California auto insurance. I was excited to ask him what car he was buying this time. He said he is not buying. He is just switching to another insurance company because the insurance company where he bought his car insurance is closing down. It’s just good that he got eighty percent of his payments. It was sad because he lost the twenty percent. But he can not do anything but to find another insurance company- a better one. I will be really devastating when you loose you money on these things. By the way, I aw this site that I think anyone in California who is interested on car insurance will be benefited through It will not just provide news and quotes but you can also find information on CA insurance fraud reduction and California no-fault state. The site will be very helpful to insurance information seekers.

Back to my cousin, he tells me he really learned his lesson on this one. When he got his car insurance, he just trusted his car dealer. He was most excited about the car and cared less about the other things connected to the buying of the car. Now look what happened. He didn’t only loose the 20% of his payments but also paying for a lot of things in getting another car insurance. He really learned his lesson.I guess the best way to deal with these things is to be well informed before you part your money with. Sometimes the things we consider small that we overlook are the things that makes our lives complicated in the end. We really need to be extra careful with them. If it needs to be detailed, then we have to get it detailed.

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