Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Internet Service Provider

Lately, I have been disappointed with my internet connection provider. It’s slow and I believe that there are so many hidden charges on my internet bills. My bill is fixed but why do I have to pay additional unknown costs. The last I complained about it, they could not explain the additional amount on the fixed rate and they said they are going to fix it. When I got my bill for last month’s usage the additional charge is still there and worst, it has increased to more than half of the fixed rate that I should pay. They are really got into my nerves! To stop this really bad situation, I immediately terminated my subscription. I paid all the things that they were telling me to pay just to get out of their lame services. After my last transaction with them, I promptly called my friend to ask about Hughes internet. My friend has been telling me about Satellite Internet when I started making complains about my previous internet service provider. I hope to have using my internet connection with satisfaction. That is fast and efficient when it comes to loading pages, surfing, and downloading and uploading media files.

After that, I checked out its website and I learned that it is available anywhere, it is up to 50x faster than dial-up, frees up phone lines, has, $100 mail-in rebate and there are lease options available with low upfront costs. My friend advised me to get an immediate installation.

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