Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fast Recovery

I had the chance to talk to my friend’s sister this afternoon. After hearing the news about my friend’s accident, I was really worried abut him. It’s been four years since he and his whole family including his parents and siblings migrated. A month ago his car collided with another car because of the slippery road. Luckily he and the driver of the other car survived. According to his sister he is now out of the hospital recovering from a leg and neck injuries. He is actually having some therapy sessions to get back o his normal walking. We are all praying for his fast recovery. It’s just sad that I can not see him. It’s not easy to go to visit him. I hope he will get his life back sooner.

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Anyway, after talking to my friend’s sister, I sent all our common friends here about his condition while asking for prayers for his fast recovery.

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