Monday, July 20, 2009

Early Success

I went to visit my sister and her family this morning. I brought the chocolates which I won at the supermarkets raffle draw. One of my nieces didn’t want to taste any of the chocolates. She said her dermatologist asked her not to eat chocolates and peanuts while curing the pimple breakout on her face. She had been prone to oily skin and pimples ever since she was stressed out with her school and her part time job, plus some emotional problems. But I am glad that her face is now more OK than before. Thanks to Acneticin! I hope she can get back with her normal life soon. I love that kid. She is so responsible and determined. While at her age she should have been enjoying like any normal teenager, she is attending school while having a part time job. Her parents can not pay for the course she wanted to take up, that is why she needed to earn for her to pursue what she really wanted. I am not questioning her capabilities to succeed in life. As early as now, I am now seeing her success.

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