Monday, April 13, 2009


I have to go to a clinic to have my medical examination for working abroad. It's a must that we should go to such step.
It's my first time to have a general check -up in the first step you will be assisted by attending nurses, then you will pay your expenses, if you have an agency you will pay much than those on applicants for direct hiring.
Then you will wait until your name will be called for BP, for your height and weight and you will stand in front of the attending physician naked and will examine your breast, but it will only take a minute that your barely naked.
Then after that, you will go to the vaccination area for your blood test and drug test, an attending nurse will be watching while your urinating to make sure that you will not put water on the bottle that was given to you.
Then, you'll have your X-ray and dental check-up, then at the psychology part , you will take a tyest examination and answer all the questions, you must not leave until you have finished answering the questions.
At last, It was finish. I have to rest now beacuse I woke up so early just to have my phase 1 for my medical check-up. Whew! What a tiring day!

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