Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Online Money Making

My sister had always been short with her salary ever since she became addicted in shopping new gadgets. She would always ask me to rescue her every time she is running out of funds. I told her to stop buying every new gadget in town but she just couldn’t stop. It became an addiction and now it’s so hard to stop herself. I can’t help but to get angry with her. So I told her I won’t help her the next time she runs out of money because of buying gadgets. I advised her to have additional earnings so that she can fund her vice of buying gadgets.

Good thing she agreed with me. But she didn’t know how. So I had to teach her on how to make money online. I introduced her to the blog world and now she is earning more than I do. She knows more that I do when it comes to earning money online. The last time I talked to her, she was suggesting I should visit http://www.mydreamiscomingtrue.com to find the latest information on making money online. Well, I haven’t seen the site because of my busy schedule. I hope to visit soon, because I am so jealous of my sister. She doesn’t borrow money from me anymore. And she always have a new gadget in her hand.

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