Monday, January 19, 2009


I've been here in Brunei for 3 days now and I thought my workk here will be fine. But it doens't turned out to be fine. When I arrived here, my employer fetch me at the port and delivered me to my boss. I must work in an internet cafe but he delivered me at is restaurant. I got confused and cried and cried because it's my first time to fly abroad and y first day there was to work. I didn't even get my rest from my travel from malaysia to brunei. ANd my mobile phone was not working I can't contact my family. WHen I arrived in Malaysia I can't contact them already. I missed them so much so I cried and cried. I hope I will get over their tears now so that I can work better. I just depend on what I say to God when I pray and I always hope that everything will be fine. Now I'm working at the internet shop and photocopy shop of my boss. I hope I will work better tomorrow.

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