Saturday, December 27, 2008


This is Evo. Meet Evo. My little puppy.

He's so little I can hold him in my hands.
Evo was given to me by my friend from a field when we were still in high school.
I didn't attend our field trip because I was sick on our departure date.
I was so sad that I didn't ate my meal the whole day.
To make me happy my friend went over our house afte their 3 days field trip, she gave me a lillte puppy and we named it Evo.
Evo meet the bloggers.
Bloggers meet Evo.
: )


sasha said...

Hi Evo! Nice meeting you! :) said...

Hi there! My name is Kent Michael and I heard that you like reading stories. If you're interested in my stories, please visit Why? I think you'll enjoy your stay there. Please visit. THANK YOU!!!

P.S. I think Evo is cute!

Lover Boy and Girl said...

Hello Evo,

It's a nice name. I have a friend with almost the same name as that. He is Yvo. I miss those days.

Have a great day!

dday said...

Evo is all pleased to meet you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!