Monday, December 22, 2008


I was crying myself to sleep last night. I just don’t think its right to just fire an employee without her notice. I was sick this week and on the second day of not feeling way I got a mail from the company that I’ve been working. Sure I was only a new employee but I just don’t think that it’s right to fire an employee without calling me and checking what’s happening to me when I wasn’t doing my job. I informed my co-employee and she said she told our manager about my situation and still he fired me. What a nice gift for Christmas. Argh! So I went job hunting for the sake of my unpaid bills. I told my friend this website where the employers are looking for employees. I was surprised and checked the website for myself. It’s true they are the ones who look for employees. And they need over 18,846 available jobs. How great was that? It’s on sales management and maybe this December I will have a sales career. They also have an open job for sales representatives and sales engineers. I hope I will get the job. I applied on line and emailed my resume to there email address. Fingers-crossed : )

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