Thursday, October 9, 2008


My friends and I planned to do a garage sale since we need money to help our friend’s son because he is sick and confined in a hospital. Last Monday we posted flyers on our neighborhood and even at commercial buildings that we are having a garage sale. I decided to sell all the shirts that won’t fit me anymore since I’ve gained weight and I can’t give it to my sister because she gained weight also. As we prepare the things that, we are going to sell. I labelled all the products with their respective prices using a masking tape to avoid hassles. I’ve found it to be the ideal label. It’s easy to peel off and cause less damage to things. I used one-inch-wide type of masking tapes. The garage sale went well. Since may have read our advertisement and we have successfully sold almost everything. We decided that 30% of what we have sold would be given to our friend. The unsold items were packed in boxes and we donated it to the church. We hope that we gave a lot of help to our friend.

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