Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fruity Sunday

Here is some trivia about fruits that are not so common in a tropical country like ours. I have noticed that they are seasoned fruits, which means there is a specific month that they will bear much fruits as they can.

1. Blacberry a small sweet dark purple fruit composed of a cluster of small round fruitlets. Rasberry a small red cup-shaped fruit with a sweet taste that grows round a pithy stalk and is made up of many tiny juicy globes drupelets.

2. Peaches and Nectarines are called stone fruits because they contain a single stone or seed in the middle. They are not grown in our country, but you can buy them in local supermarkets during the latter part of the year. These two fruits look very much alike, being round with a groove along one side, but peaches have a fuzzy skin while nectarines have a smooth skin. The skin color ranges from yellow to red, or a combination of red and yellow.

3. Fresh Cherries are also an uncommon sight in the local markets. When they’re available, try to sample one. The taste of fresh cherries does not come close to canned or bottled ones. Buy cherries with the stem attached-they will keep longer.

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