Saturday, October 11, 2008


It’s our city’s feast month. October is our festival month. This year it’s our first Pagbiagan Festival. “Biag” means life and in every baranggay in our city has a booth outside the municipal hall that will display different kinds of delicacies of rice cakes using the rice as a main ingredient. Representing the rice as a source of life in our city. It is called the “Tindahan sa Kalsada” event. “Tindahan” means store “kalsada” means street. We have different kinds of rice cakes in the Philippines and I think it’s our city that will be the first city in the Philippines that will display the different varieties of rice cakes. It will be a weeklong celebration including the celebration of The Month of the Holy Rosary. And we have no classes since they have chosen our school as the venue for the scheduled events. Happy Fiesta!

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