Monday, October 20, 2008


My friend went over our house after having a coffee with her aunt at the coffee shop. She brought her 5-month-old baby and her name is Nicole. I’ve noticed that all Nicole’s things are color pink, even her baby bottle and bib. It was so cute watching her yawn and sleep. Her scent was so heavenly it makes me feel relieved. While Nicole was sleeping, we had some chitchats with my friend and she asked me what is the best diet pills I can recommend her. She is having a problem on how to lose her excess weight after giving birth to Nicole. I just told her that she could probably ask her doctor about it since I can’t recommend her anything. She should exercise often and eat vegetables. If it still doesn’t work she should ask her doctor about taking up diet pills already. Before noon, Nicole woke up and want some food since her mom forgot to take her milk with them they decided to go home so that Nicole can drink milk.

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