Saturday, September 20, 2008


We went out of town to visit my grandma. We decided to visit her because she called my mom that my auntie just gave birth last week. She is busy taking care of her newborn grandson. I asked my mom what a nice gift we will give to the new born. My dad answered its great to give him a pair of baseball gloves and a boisterous laugh covered the room. So we planned to visit her and their newborn baby. I woke up early, and my dad saw me he said I should clean the car before we will go to grandma’s house. My dad gave me the key and I went to our carport to get the car in our garden. I cleaned the car through the hose and with a big sponge with detergent. After cleaning, I went to the kitchen to eat my breakfast I was so hungry after cleaning the car. At 10am , we were all ready to go to grandma’s house. I enjoyed visiting grandma and the baby.

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