Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I went to a furniture shop this morning because I want to go out; I don’t want to stay home because I will feel sick when I stay home. My mom accompanied me. We stroll to three shops and my mom enjoyed the sight seeing of furniture products. When we went on the third shop, we saw an armchair that was made with foam covered with green leather on the part that you sit on and the part that you rest your back and made of bronzed steel wire and nylon. Mom asked why the armchair looks weird and it is different with the armchairs of the first two shops that we visited. I told my mom that those kinds of furniture designs are called modern furniture, its design is not too artistic but the weirdness of its design makes it modern. I want to have those furniture designs when the time comes that I will build my own house. After strolling, my mom got hungry, so we went to the fast food chain to order foods for our dinner.

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