Thursday, August 7, 2008


I received this message from a friend. I was so touched by the story so I want to share it with you.

A baby boy was born. He was given a pet dog by one of her godparents. The boy grew up as a handsome man with the dog as his best friend. As time goes by, the boy got married and had a family. Still, the dog lives with them, One day the man went to the field to work. His wife asked him where did he left their baby. The man said I left him sleeping with our dog. The wife went home quickly to feed her baby some milk. When she arrived, the dog was in the door with blood in his mouth, without second thought, she stabbed the dog to death, until she finally saw the baby sleeping very soundly with a dead snake beside him.

Lesson: Animals have feelings. Their feelings are much stronger than humans are. When they feel pain, they feel it in much pain than humans. When we appreciate them, they feel that we love them. So having a dog inside a home is not just having an animal with you. Its having a pet and a best friend with you.

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