Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Did you ever wonder why most people die in their early 30’s because of heart diseases, cancer and diabetes? Maybe they just don’t eat right and have a healthy living. I have read in a magazine how to have a healthy living and loving the life you have. Here are few tips on how to live the good life, healthwise:

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables because these are our main sources of protective phytonutrients, which help our body’s defense and reduce our risk of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic diseases.

Color your diet. You want to think about where you’ll get something green, red and yellow for lunch. The more colors you have in you’re diet on a regular basis, the healthier you’ll be.

Take a good multivitamin and some additional calcium to make up for nutrients you aren’t getting from your food.

Prevent or ease hypertension by avoiding or reducing eating processed or refined foods, which are often high in sodium. Studies show that calcium and magnesium can also help lower blood pressure.

Get enough vitamin D. New research shows that this has a key role in cancer prevention that we get from exposure to sunlight- but most people aren’t getting enough of it now because of sunscreens.

-Aliyya Sawad Jaan

As they say, “What you are is what you eat.” So start having a healthy meal everyday and live a healthy life.

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