Sunday, August 3, 2008


I went to the mall to buy my friend a gift because its her birthday tomorrow and I’m so excited because we will see each other again after not seeing her for 3 months. I planned to give her a mug because she collects mugs. I saw her cabinet last March when we went there to watch a DVD. It was full of mugs with different colors and sizes, with different designs and styles. I was so amazed how she patiently cleans them everyday. Her collection was about more than 59 pieces of mugs already. If I will give her another mug, her collection will increase and it will be 60. I hope she will like the design of the mug. I also bought a pink pouch bag. Her favourite color is pink and she always carries a pouch bag inside her school bag. She takes it with them everywhere she goes. Her pouch bag always contain powder, blush on, eye curler, mascara, mirror, hair cuticle and her spray cologne. She don’t carry a brush or a comb, because her hair is curly. She just applies a drop of hair cuticle on her hair and arranges it. I also bought a pink crepe paper, pink gift bag and a pink gift card. I will just wrap the mug together with the pouch bag inside the mug and put it on a paper bag.

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