Sunday, August 10, 2008


I visited my friend who is working at a call center, since it’s her day off and she was not busy she invited me to go to her apartment and teach her how to make a lasagna. When I arrived her son AJ greeted me and kissed me on my cheek. He led me to the kitchen where his mom prepares the ingredients. We had some chitchats and she shared her most humiliating experience she ever did at her work. She bundled a few of the leftover sandwiches into a napkin to bring home for her kids. On her way out of the meeting room, she ran into a co-worker who gave her a dirty look when he saw her stash. She told me that it wasn’t as if she took all of the remaining sandwiches. She laughed so hard with her experience. I told her that she must have asked their department head who paid for the catering what they will do to the leftover food.
We laughed and realized that the lasagna is already done. So I called the kids and we enjoyed eating the lasagna, especially AJ. He said I should come over often because he wants me to bake lasagna for him.

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