Tuesday, July 1, 2008


My teacher in my bartending class Ma’m Chie just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy 5 months ago and he’s name is Christopher Josef. Christopher came from my Ma’m Chie’s husband named Christopher Lawrence and Josef was Ma’m Chie’s own name for her first son. I wonder what workout she did just to lose 30 lbs. within 5 months. And when I talked to her during our break, she told me she has found a “magical” way to lose the pounds she gained during her pregnancy: bouncing through a trampoline. She now wants to share her slimming secret with her fellow busy moms that’s why she agreed on answering my questions when we had a talked at there house yesterday. Rebounding on the trampoline is an effective cardio exercise for those seeking to lose and maintain weight. It’s sixty percent better than jogging on hard surfaces, which puts extreme stress on ankles and knees, eventually causing damage to them. With rebounding, the trampoline absorbs the weight while keeping the entire body in motion. Moreover, it’s reminiscent of how kids naturally enjoy jumping on a bed, which makes it fun. Ma’m Chie said that a sensible diet and a positive outlook will complement the exercises and will make even the busiest moms glowing in no time.

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