Sunday, July 13, 2008


I cleaned my room today and saw my favorite doll displayed beside my pillow. Her name is Emily I got that Emily when I was 5 years old. I always play with her every time I got home from school. I remember that every time my mom scold at me because I don’t like to eat vegetables I always went to my room and tell Emily that my mom does not love me anymore and I will hug her tight and she always gives me comfort when ever I hug her. It’s like that she understands me and she has feelings. But as I grow up I don’t hug her anymore every time I cry. I just pray to God and tell Him my problems and He knows what I feel. He is my comfort. I always feel that everything that I do has a purpose and that God is always there for me. And today I will give Emily away. I will donate her to the orphanage. And I think she needs to live in a new environment. And I pray that she will give comfort in every child’s heartache. Here’s a quote for my Emily and me.

“We may always think that every time we give up something it’s a loss and will give us a feeling of sadness. But sometimes we have to give up some things. It maybe a sad decision but it’s the only way to grow and continue smiling.” I will miss my Emily.

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