Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My high school classmate gave me a pair if Havaianas flip-fops for my birthday last April. As I was strolling around the mall one day with my mom, I noticed that a group of girls was looking at me in a weird way. I saw them staring at my feet so I flaunted my precious flip-flops to make them “inggit”. Suddenly, one of the girls said loudly, “Ang yabang! Fake naman yung suot nia.” I did not mind what she said and went to an accessory shop. I took a closer look at my slippers. And there it was, marked on my precious flip-flops: Havanas . I was so ashamed and I couldn’t believe that my first pair was only an imitation. So disappointed I told my mom that I should bought a pair of Havaianas. We bought a a pair for me and for my mom. I felt better looking at my new pair of flip-flops.

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