Friday, July 4, 2008


I love Friday it is one of the things that I’m looking forward to every week. Wednesday comes and it more excites me because Friday is fast approaching. Because Friday is a day to cook and serve my family with delicious dishes that, I prepare for them. And it’s a good feeling that I’m active in the kitchen. For today, I will prepare a dish that my dad might like because it involves liquor. Here are the ingredients that I need.

Fish fillet


Cake flour

Salt and pepper



How to do it:

Cut potatoes into strips. Put the potato strips in a bowl of water. To prevent the potato from turning into color black. Set aside.
Dip fish fillets in a ¼ cup of beer.
Dredge with cake flour.
Heat oil in a pan. Deep-fry fish in hot oil until golden brown..
Deep-fry the potato strips.
Serve the dish with mayonnaise with catsup.

And Violah! A masterpiece. heheh. It was so yummy. I enjoyed the dinner. Mom and Dad enjoyed it too. Dad asked me if I put some beer on the dish. My little sister enjoyed the fries. Have a happy Friday!

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