Thursday, July 31, 2008


Having make up can make our face more attractive and noticeable. But there are makeup techniques that can’t be done when you are only going to attend a party. W should always wear a light make up. A little blush-on and lip gloss or lip balm. It will make our face more brighter and attractive. Here are some “DON’Ts” in wearing makeup.

Drawing Nose Tracks

If you’re not going on TV, skip the two strips of brown eye shadow along the bridge of your nose. This kind of contouring doesn’t work in real life-it’s too obvious.

TIP: Draw attention to your eyes and cheeks instead, or dot a little highlighter at the tip of your nose like Jennifer Lopez does.

Too-light Concealer

The general rule is to go half a shade lighter. Anything too light looks clownish.. But it’s better to get the exact shade of your skin, this way you can use it to conceal pimples as well.

TIP: if you’ve already made the mistake of buying the wrong shade, you can use darker face powder to balance the tint.

Severe Lip liner

A lip pencil’s main purpose is to prevent lipstick from bleeding outside the natural contour of your lips. But if your liner is darker than your lipstick, it looks strange, and not to mention outdated.

TIP: Opt for nude pencil instead, or make sure to fill in lips with the liner and not just the outer edges..

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