Saturday, June 14, 2008


We have problems in cleaning our kitchen, especially when we did not clean the kitchen for 4 days it is surely very messy. We cannot clean the all the rooms in our house simultaneously that is why we have to schedule it for a general cleaning day. However, did you know that there are household jobs that you can do in 5 minutes or less? Here are some tips brought to you by Women’s Journal:

  1. Wipe grimy handprints off the front of the fridge and kitchen cabinets. Use a wet paper towel with a tiny drop of dish detergent on one corner. Hit stubborn grunge with the soapy bit, then wipe again with a water-only section. Finish by wiping sticky cabinet handles.
  2. Toss spoiled produce from the fridge’s veggie bin; wash the bin in the sink, dry it and line with paper towels. (The next time the lettuce gets slimy or a cake goes bad, having the paper towels there makes for an easy clean up.) Replace the bin and wipe the bottom inner edge of the fridge.
  3. Remove all items from two shelves of the fridge door. Clean and dry the shelves. Wipe sticky jars and bottles and put them back.
  4. Wipe off spice/herb containers with a wet paper towel and reorganize them on the shelf or in a drawer.
  5. Scrub a greasy or baked-on pan that you’ve soaked in the sink or sprayed with a solvent. Dry and put away.
  6. Remove all the cereal boxes and appliances from the top of the fridge. Spray the surface with a de-greaser, wipe with paper towels, and replace items.

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