Thursday, June 19, 2008


I woke up this morning thankful for blessing me another day to live. Blessings that I do everyday.

..soft sunrise winds

..pretty flowers

..sound of birds chirping

..noisy vehicles

..paperboy dropping the newspaper at the doormat coffee w/ creamer

..delicious ham and egg in a table

..with fruits in a fruit basket shower toothpaste

..warm coat and tie

..comfortable car to drive through the office

..smiling security guard

..kind co-workers

..a job to be thankful for

..and a drop by at the chapel for a Wednesday novena mass.

As I end my day, I thank God for doing the same thing this day. I thanked him for giving me another day to live. I thanked him for waking me up after a deep sleep last night. Blessings are worth to be thankful for. Live our lives to the fullest.

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