Sunday, May 11, 2008


The phone rang and my mom was the one to answer. After talking to the phone, my mom told us that we are the chosen offerrers for the Sunday mass tomorrow at 6pm . Our barranggay is the sponsor for every second Sunday of the month. My mom told my little sister and me that the offerrers must wear skirts. That is the rule in offering for Sunday masses. I told my mom that we should go to the ukay-ukay stand (second hand ready to wear) to look for skirts. I don’t wear skirts. I always wear jeans. After lunch, about 3 pm my mom, little sister, and I went to the ukay-ukay stand inside the market. I bought a white skirt with pleats, while my little sister bought an orange skirt with small pleats. It costs P 50.00 each. It is so affordable. We have enough budgets for a shoe that will match the skirts. We went to a shoe store and I saw a cream peep-toe sandal with a flower on the side. It costs P 170.00 my mom liked it and we bought it with the size of 37. I remembered that tomorrow is also Mother’s Day. That’s why my dad’s plan was to go to a Chinese Restaurant after the mass and eat for dinner. At home, I washed the skirts we bought so that tomorrow I will just iron it. I had a great day I mean we had great day we had a mom and daughters (because we took my little sister with us) bonding. I enjoyed this day. Hope you had a great day also. Good day!

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