Friday, May 2, 2008


Is there any way to make our lives more difficult? That’s what I understand when I saw the lady on TV interviewed. She quacks about high prices of goods, the high priced electricity bills, the never ending oil price hike, the unaffordable commercial rice and the continuous high price of diapers for babies. Then she said; “This are all the governments fault!”, “Why don’t they pay us the right payment for our job?” As a laborer our salaries must increase, we have the right to complain. Why the policemen do drove us away when we have rallies? Don’t they feel that we are just expressing our feelings so that the government will hear us? The government must do something about our request.” I remember that last month the laborers are requesting for a 10% increase in their salaries because the wages that they are receiving are not enough for their daily expanses. They are wishing that the president will approve their request before Labor Day arrives. A laborer is not an easy job. Yet they are the ones who receive the lowest salaries of all. There government must do something about this to give the request of our laborers. To all the labor workers out there do not lose hope. Happy Labors Day! Enjoy your holiday!

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