Saturday, May 31, 2008

Got colds

Today is Friday and I should be the one preparing for our dinner but I have colds and I don’t like my family to catch my colds. I woke up having colds today. I can’t speak well, I have teary eyes, and my nose clogged. Last night before I went to sleep, I felt that my nose is itchy inside. I didn’t mind it and went to sleep. My mom made a hot soup for me and my clogged nose went unclogged for a while. After lunch, I went up to my bed sniffing and sneezing. My mom bought me medicine and lots of fresh oranges and calamansi. She made me a calamansi juice. She told me that it is a good therapy for colds. I ate those oranges my mom bought me because I want to cure my colds fast. It irritates me. I’m not comfortable talking with a clogged nose. So the whole day I went sleeping. Maybe tomorrow I will not have colds anymore. Huhuhuh

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