Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From Mader Dear

My mom told me to send this message to my sister, we read her blog, and this is my mom’s message to my sister. Here it goes:

From the notepad of your Mother Dear L.P.:

In behalf of my Dear Mother your grandma, our Mamang, I take this opportunity to thank you my dear daughter for your understanding, care, and support, much so much for your generous support. My heart is full of gladness when I read your message to all the Mothers in the world and most of all to me. I said: “Anakko, you are the greatest gift of the Lord to me. Please continue to be good. Do not get tired to do good. God is there watching over us, giving blessings for us to empower our relationship although we are far apart. So keep it up, be a best Christian. Pray unceasingly. He who anchors His life with God will surely reach his destination with peace, because prayer shapes our lives, My Dear Daughter. Miss na miss kana namin. Kailan kaya uli kita ma embrace?...

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