Friday, May 9, 2008


I woke up early in the morning, about 8 am because I slept early last night. I went to the bathroom to wash myself. My mom was in the kitchen and told me that I should not be sleeping in the guest room anymore because it’s for guests only. And the guest room is quite dirty since I slept there for a month now. She told me to clean the guest room and my own room so that I could evacuate from the guest room to my own room. After my breakfast, I swept the floor of the guest room and wiped the windows. I also changed the cover of the mattress and the cover of the pillows. I arranged the bed properly. I also replaced the old curtains with the new ones. After cleaning the guest room, I went to my room and did some changes. I swept the floor, wiped the windows, and put the white curtains that I was saving for the windows in my room. I do not want my mom to use it in our living room because the white curtain is more beautiful in my bedroom. After cleaning my bedroom, I covered my mattress with a pink covered-mattress. And a blue pillow-cover for my pillows. I also changed my doormat because it was not change since the day that I left my room. The changes I made fit my personality. Those changes made my room looked comfortable to sleep in. It was very different from my old room. If I can renovate my room, so can you. Just add a little bit of creativity. I am sure you will make your room more comfortable to sleep in. J

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