Sunday, June 1, 2008


I surf the net and found out that there are so many sources of getting a cold virus. There are also tips in preventing cold virus. I want to share it so that everyone will be aware.

If you’re one of the very few left who hasn’t caught the cold virus. Congratulations! Your immune system must be in tip-top shape then. Be sure to maintain your cold virus-free status because catching the cold these days is certainly no joke. Take it from someone who’s been recently sidelined due to a severe case of the common cold. Even if half of the people in your classroom or in your office is sniffing and sneezing, you can still protect yourself by following these tips.

  1. Never put your hands in your eyes or to your nose without washing them first.
  2. Keep your feet warm.
  3. If someone in your household is ill, it’s wise to put a second hand towel in the bathroom for the healthy folks to use.
  4. Be very careful after handling money.
  5. Clerks and baggers at the grocery are another potential source of infection
  6. Avoid hospitals and doctor’s offices. If you can’t avoid them, be extra cautious in these environments.
  7. Get plenty of sleep.
  8. Avoid sugary foods. Sugar can decrease the activity of the immune system for up to five hours.
  9. Drink lots of water, natural fruit juices, or vegetable juices.
  10. Let our appetite be your guide.
  11. Increase your intake of vitamin C.
  12. Eat raw garlic. Garlic has anti-viral properties and boosts the immune system in general.
  13. Don’t take commercial cold or flu remedies from the drug store. These preparations do not help fight the infection and in fact have been found to lengthen the duration of one’s illness.
  14. Brush your teeth with a combination of salt and baking soda-or use a tooth powder containing these ingredients.
  15. Crushed eucalyptus leaves or oil and water in a potpourri pot, or eucalyptus oil in a vaporizer, often makes the sinuses feel better.


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